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Tourist up to 30 days stay - no prior visa is required for tourist only stay up to 30 days. Tourists may obtain a visa free of charge upon arrival in Sri Lanka.

Tourist or Business up to 5 years:

  1. Submit your valid, signed U.S. Passport, must be valid for at least 6 months beyond entry date.
  2. 1 Visa Application Form, completed and signed
  3. 2 Passport-type photographs
  4. Copy of flight itinerary showing round trip
  5. A business letter of responsibility is required, to be typewritten on your company letterhead and addressed to the Embassy of Sri Lanka, Visa Section, Washington D.C. - - The letter must state all of the following:
    - The nature of the business to be performed
    - The name of the business reference to be visited
    - Guarantee sufficient financial support for the visit
    - Guarantee return transportation to the U.S
    - Your sponsor letter should be signed by a company officer other than the applicant.
    - Your sponsor in Sri Lanka must send a fax to the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Washington D.C., stating the name of the applicant, confirming the business trip (fax must include company address and type of business). For stay over 7 days, the letter must be sent via the Immigration Department in Colombo.

Fees: $140 - multiple entries up to 5 years

Processing time: 4 business days

Return mail: please include a self-addressed pre-paid envelope or $18 for FedEx delivery.


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