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In order to obtain a visa to Zambia please provide the following:

  1. Valid, signed U.S. Passport (must have at least 6 mos further validity)
  2. 2 Visa Application Forms, fully completed and signed
  3. 2 Passport-Type Photographs - SIGNED ON REVERSE
  4. SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS for the following types of Visa’s:
    a. For business, church business, Government travel (Diplomatic and Official), Seminar, Volunteer and Study-related submit your applications with an official cover letter specifying in brief detail the nature of intended transactions in Zambia and/or a copy of work permit from the authorizing sponsor or prospective employers. Attach a copy of flight itinerary and/or return airline ticket. A Business Visitor is entitled to Thirty (30) days visit in a period of twelve (12) months.
    a. For Tourist Visa attach a copy of their flight itinerary or a copy of ticket. If available, include a copy of Tour itinerary.
    c. For Visitors Visa include a “Letter of Invitation” from your hosts in Zambia and a copy of flight itinerary or ticket. The “Invitation letter” should include the following:
    - Host’s name and address
    - Applicant’s name
    - Length of stay in Zambia
    - Purpose of visit

Fees and processing time:
$140 - 3-5 business days.
$190 - next day processing
$200 - same day processing

Duration of visa: 3 years multiple entries

Return mail: please include a self-addressed pre-paid envelope or $18 for FedEx delivery.

Notes: Anti-Malaria vaccination is strongly recommended. Consult your primary physician for details.


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Mailing instructions
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Payment methods
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